Hug an Engineer — They Make the World Go ‘Round! Well, not really the world… but you get the idea.

Dr. NoGoodFebruary 20 – 26 is National Engineering Week. If you have an engineer (or two) in your life, hug them. They do important work, like designing my spaceship to travel the universe in search of fresh sources of Nostradimum. Without engineers, I would just have to satisfy myself with taking over the world, but now I can dream much bigger — I’m going to take over the universe!!!

Yeah, um, so… something more applicable to you guys stuck here on Earth: they design roller coasters, skateparks, faster engines, alternative forms of energy (like those windmills you see popping up all around), nanotechnology, clothing that takes your temperature, even improvements in the medical field. The design and problem-solving skills utilized in engineering combines with almost every field you can imagine to make things run faster, work better, safer, more efficiently, and often times, make the things you do everyday for fun even more fun.

For example, take a look at this video that talks about the science of skateboarding, which involves — what else — engineering!

Click on the youtube link if you want to see more of his videos!

Introducing my cousin, Clotilda BeGood!

Introducing my cousin, Clotilda BeGood!

Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day 2011 is Thursday, February 24th. So, next week, we have an extra-special guest blogger, my very own cousin, Clotilda BeGood. She is quite attractive, so I thought I’d share a photo of her with you today.

I keep telling her she should use my hair gel to make her hair pink, orange, or blue, but she refuses. Something about the way I got the main ingredient, Nostradimium, by pillaging planets and destroying worlds across the universe.

Anyhoo, Clotilda is a girl, and she is an engineer, so she is the perfect choice to introduce girls to engineering! She’s going to talk about some female engineers that are making it big, and having fun at the same time!

So stay tuned and come back next week! We’ll show you how to make your own model roller coaster, introduce some careers you may have never thought of, and, of course, share some more pictures of ME!


About drcorneliusnogood

Pillager of the Universe, I make hair gel in my spare time for fun and profit. I am currently in a Race for Planet X, trying to beat the spaceship Exploris to Planet X to pillage it's supply of Nostradimium to use in my Dr. NoGood's Far Out Follicle Treatment for Cosmically Cranky Hair. Exploris was created by the Arkansas Discovery Network (funded by the Donald W. Reynolds Foundation) and is disguised as a mobile museum that engages Arkansas' sixth graders in hands-on science experiments in a fun and interactive environment. But I know the real truth, they are trying to block me at every curve on my quest to pillage the universe!
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